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About Us

The Private Equity Exchange (PEQX) is a private (non-public) venue for S.E.C. defined Accredited Investors. The PEQX private website allows the arrangement of private sale transactions of previously issued restricted securities and other items among Accredited Investors. You must identify yourself as a sophisticated investor in one of the S.E.C. Accredited Investor categories when you register to participate on this website.

The PEQX does not underwrite or distribute shares for any issuer of securities. Furthermore, the PEQX does not broker, advise, recommend, solicit, or offer to buy or sell any securities. The PEQX solely provides an electronic, automated, venue for Accredited Investors to arrange private sale transactions to other Accredited Investors.

You cannot participate in the PEQX if you are a Rule 144 defined Affiliate (company director or greater than 10% shareholder) or Control Person (manager of company policies that affect the shares) of the company that issued the security. See for definition details.

Contact us at for further information.

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